GENRE: Films can be any genre (documentary, music/dance, drama, mystery, horror, social issues, experimental, etc).

LENGTH: Tamariki section films are to be no more than 5 minutes in length (including end credits). All other sections films are to be no more than 10 minutes in length (including end credits). Acceptance of videos longer than this which cannot be edited further for artistic reasons is at the discretion of the Film Festival Committee.

FILM DUE DATE: Friday 1 March 2024 2pm.

SUBTITLES: All entries with dialogue not in English or Māori must be subtitled in English.

AI-GENERATED CONTENT: To ensure the responsible and ethical use of AI-generated footage, we have implemented a policy that limits the inclusion of AI-generated content to less than 15 percent of the total project. This measure is aimed at maintaining the authenticity and human touch,  while harnessing the benefits of AI technology to enhance certain aspects of the project. We believe that striking a balance between human creativity and AI assistance will result in compelling and engaging content that respects both artistic integrity and technological advancements

TAMARIKI / RANGATAHI PROJECTS: If you have had direct input from parents, teachers and/or film mentors please explain what this support has been.

ENTRY: Entrants/entries must have an association with Whāingaroa; our wider community and/or people, and/or portray themes of environment, recreation, sports, arts, culture and heritage. Enter as many films as you like – complete a separate entry form for each film.

POSTAGE: All postage costs are the responsibility of the sender.

PROMO USE: RAFFA reserves the right to use part or all the film for promotional purposes.

The film festival committee reserves the right to review entries they consider inappropriate for our film festival audiences – see below.

Film Content and Treatment

Mature themes are acceptable but their treatment must be suitable for young teenage viewers.

If you are unsure if your film fits within the guidelines below, please contact the committee to discuss:

Coarse language

• The use of strong language must be rare.


• Violence must be used appropriately within the context of the film eg. Martial arts in a Kung Fu movie.


• Graphic sex scenes cannot be used.

• Sex of a violent nature should not be used unless essential to the context and narrative of the film.

• No one underage can be depicted as taking part in any sexual activity.

Drugs & alcohol

• The effects of taking drugs including alcohol cannot be glamorised.

Use of motor vehicles

• The rules of the current New Zealand Road Code apply.


Entries to the Raglan Old School Arts Centre



POST 5 Stewart St, Raglan 3225

Old School office is open Mon-Fri, 10am-2pm.